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Spellcasting is one of the best parts of Dungeons and Dragons. Studying and dealing with spell slot limitations is one of the most significant blocks to overcome. That’s where ritual spellcasting comes into play. But what are the best ritual spells and how do you choose them?

Let’s take a look down below to see how this very handy magic works.

What Are Ritual Spells

According to the Player’s Handbook, ritual spells can be cast like any other spell out there and can even be done so even if they are not taking up a spell slot. Still, they add an extra option for casting that majority of spells don’t have.

Restrictions on Ritual Spells

These are some of the important restrictions:

  •  You need to cast another spell while doing this because it would break your concentration on the ritual.
  • You cannot cast a ritual spell using a higher level slot.
  • If you do not have enough requirements, you may not cast a ritual spell.

The Ability to Cast Ritual Spells 5E

The three ways a character obtains the ability to cast rituals include:

  • As a feature of the class
  • Through Ritual Caster feat
  • As a special class feature 

Best Ritual Spells

There are many spells out there that you can choose that will fit your needs. We’ve selected three of the best that you can choose from.


This is a spell that can be a gamechanger. But, you need a Paladin or Cleric to access this. The caster calls upon their deity to ask three questions. Not only that, all questions must be asked and answered within a minute. So, your party can think of what to ask thoroughly.

Detect Magic

Detect Magic lets the caster see magical auras of visible creatures or objects, and immediately distinguish what spell school it comes from.

Just remember that invisible creatures don’t reveal a magical aura. Also, the magical auras aren’t visible through walls.

Find Familiar

Find Familiar’s creations are immune to dominate monster or animal friendship. In most games, Familiars act on the same turn as their owners. But if a Familiar is about to die from a spell or is found by an enemy, an owner can do an action to dissipate the familiar and have it reappear near the caster.

Conclusion To The Best Ritual Spells

Ritual Spells are very versatile and fit any situation possible. Whether you’re just a regular spellcaster or an experienced Druid, there’s a ritual spell perfect for you. Just remember that you need to open your imagination and don’t be afraid to try new ones.

Want more resources to cast the best ritual spells? Check this Reddit link to know more. Happy playing!

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