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Magic is at the core and a very essential part of any level in D&D5e. From the long list of magical forms, we can say that Cantrip is at the lowest. But don’t let this fool you. This type is so much easier to cast and learn. But because it is a part of one of the most common forms, how do you pick the best cantrips?

To know more about how to handle this keen ability and how it can be an advantage to you, check out our guide below.

What Are Cantrips

Cantrips are a form of magic that you can classify as small magic since they can be cast with little to no effort. Some examples are creating an orb of light, a cloud of smoke, or even a puddle of acid.

If you are creative, then a cantrip can be as good as your imagination can conceive.

How To Get Your First Cantrip

It’s effortless to get your first Cantrip. Any character that can cast from level one, like Clerics, druids, and other characters, will be able to cast cantrips. The types are class-specific, and each class manages cantrips in its own way.

Best Cantrips To Use

There’s no one answer to this since it is highly dependent on what sort of game your DM plans to play. But, to trim it down, here’s a list of the best cantrips to use.


This one is definitely worth using since it’s the holy grail of all cantrips. Basically, if you were to play Monopoly, this is your magical get-out-of-jail-free card.

To simplify, it is any small sensory change or anything that can be explained through magic. You can create a non-magical trinket, then change the color, temperature, taste, and smell of that trinket. Your creativity is your limit.


Guidance in Touch, Verbal, or Somatic, provides a 1d4 to a willing creature. They can then roll the Guidance die before or after making an Ability check of the caster’s choosing.

Mind Sliver

This unique Cantrip allows casters to deliver a spike that can disorient a creature’s mind within their range. This is received in the form of an Intelligence Saving Throw. If the creature fails the Save, they get 1d6 Psychic damage and get a -1d4 penalty on their following Saving Throw before the end of the caster’s next turn.

Mage Hand

Mage Hand allows you to summon a spectral hand that floats at a point within range. They can also manipulate an object up to 30ft away. However, casters can’t use this Cantrip to unleash magical items, make attacks, or carry a weight of more than 10 pounds.

Shape Water

Shape Water is a Transmutation wherein casters can perform many things with just an area of water that fits a 5-foot cube. It can let casters change the flow or even move the target water up to 5ft in any direction. Moreover, such water can create shapes and become frozen or animated in a specific direction within an hour. This works for any type of water like boiling water, muddy water, or even freezing water.

Conclusion To The Best Cantrips

Spellcasters, new and old, will almost always depend on some sort of Cantrip to get the job done. After all, these Spells are a bang for their buck, and Spellcasters can cast them whenever they wish. There’s a whole lot of choices of Cantrips that will suit your needs, so just keep a close eye on these and let your imagination wander.

Want more resources and opinions about cantrips from other players? Check out this link from Reddit. Happy playing!

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