How Long Is A Short Rest In 5e


Heroic as it might be, your party can’t spend every hour of the day exploring, interacting, and fighting in combat. They also need time to rest. They need to sleep, eat, tend their wounds, and all other downtime requirements to prepare for the further adventure.

Adventurers can take Short Rests in the midst of an Adventuring day and a long one to end the day. To know the time limit and what you can do in those moments, check out below.

How Long Is A Short Rest

A short rest is a minimum of one hour. After one hour, you can use hit dice to heal, and Bard can boost your healing score by d6. Short rests can be interfered with so make sure you are in a safe place when you’re doing so!

Short rests are not bound by anything besides the fact that there are only 16 waking hours per day.

Class Abilities That Can Influence


Warlocks are the classes that pop into people’s minds who are immediate candidates to many Short Rests because they have extremely limited spell slots. However, they replenish all of it after this full short rest.


Two classes can also recuperate their spells during short rests. At level 2, the Druid’s Circle of the Land can replenish spell slots with the same weight as half their total level. The Wizard, on the other hand, has this ability no matter what. Either way, this is only allowed once per day, but fairs well with the short rest


Besides them, level 2 Bards study the Song of Rest, which allows increased hit dice healing by another dice. This trait is defined only by how often your party takes a short rest.

Other Ways To Get Short Rest


There are also classes that earn resources other than health or magic. To regain ki, Monks need 30 minutes of meditation. After that, they regain all expended ki. Meanwhile, Wild Shape utilizes recover after a full, short rest, the same with Channel Divinity.


A quirky little thing to remember is that level 20 Sorcerers can actually earn 4 sorcery points once they’ve had their short rest. However, the downside is that it’s rare for campaigns get to level 20. Learn more about the sorcerer in this post!


Besides all of these, tons of subclasses also make use of post-short rest to recover their abilities. Fighters especially have a bunch of subclasses that recover after a short rest.


Your party can define how many hours it needs rest but 1 hour of short rest is already a little long. Usually, this period of time signifies that the party has to escape a dungeon entirely if they wish to recover their spells, ki, or whatever they need. Your GM is your party’s final arbiter of whether or not you’ve rested long enough to recover everyone’s health or class abilities. Some GMs might suggest a longer time or some might deem it as already ample enough. Go talk to your GM about the rules they wish to set.

To know more about how short rest works, check out this helpful thread here from Reddit and watch the video below to learn more. Happy playing!

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