When to Multiclass in DnD 5e


So, you may be asking yourself – “when is the best time to Multiclass in DnD 5e?”

Maybe you’ve come here from the previous article that we’ve written on Multiclassing. If so, welcome. Today we will be further expanding on the topic and talking about a question we didn’t really touch on in the previous article.
We only looked at how the Multiclass mechanic works – but not when to multiclass.

So, today we will be looking at answering that question. In reality, there isn’t a perfect answer for it. The choice to multiclass falls entirely upon you – and if your DM will allow you that is. After all, multiclassing is an optional rule in DnD 5e. Some DMs opt-out of using it entirely.

Regardless, let’s take an in-depth look at the question of when to Multiclass in DnD 5e.
For starters, I believe we should outline how this will all go.
For clarity, it’s best to split this question into three parts.
1. Multiclassing in the early game (Levels 1-8)
2. Multiclassing in the mid game (Levels 8-17)
3. Multiclassing in the late game (Levels 17-20)

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

When to Multiclass in DnD 5e

Multiclassing in the early game

Some players will say this is the best time to multiclass. And well, there is some weight to that opinion. Multiclassing early on gives you the added benefits of gaining access to abilities your starting class wouldn’t have from the start. And as such – it isn’t uncommon to see Fighters invest in Barbarian levels right at the start, as the added capabilities are a significant boon to melee-based combatants.

What’s more, you get significant time to get familiar with both classes. Investing in another class late into the game doesn’t give you enough time to get acquainted with your new class – so, you might not be able to fully exploit it.

And speaking from a technical standpoint. By investing in another class early, you also get the benefits of their subclass – if you so desire that is. Most classes have access to their subclass at level 4, so go for it if you think you can make it work.

The cons on the other hand are also worth mentioning. Multiclassing early can just hamstring your potential. Multiclassing is a tool to fully develop and optimize your character. But to fully develop something, you have to have developed it to a certain point already.
In other words. Build your house first – then build your garden.

Multiclassing in the mid game

The mid game is where a lot of players will choose to invest levels in another class. The reason for this is the last point we made in the previous part. They’ve developed their base character enough that they see multiclassing as an avenue to increase their utility.

Multiclassing is a powerful tool. If you chose to use it at the right time, it will only further increase your power.

Another reason that players choose to multiclass in the mid game is that, by that point; you ought to have reached the requirements for whichever class you want to multiclass in. Which may not be the case in the early game.

Be careful though. Carefully consider what you are sacrificing in the future if you do choose to multiclass. Look at what the level 20 skills are for your class – you may not want to lose them. Which brings us to the next part.

Multiclassing in the late game

This is not recommended. I’ll continue from the last part. Most players will advise you against multiclassing in the late game, as there really aren’t many benefits at this point.
The last 3 levels that you get in the late game – depending on your class, offer you some great benefits that 3 levels in another class simply won’t.

What’s more, as we mentioned earlier. Multiclassing this late into the campaign (if you play this late into the campaign, that is) doesn’t offer you enough time to get accustomed to your new class. All these factors combined just mean that you are hamstringing yourself if you chose to go down this path.

The only reason you should ever multiclass this late is if you really know what you are doing, and are willing to sacrifice those precious few last levels of your class.

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