How Many Feats Can You Unlock In DnD 5e?


Seeing as how looked at how to get feats in a previous article, today we will look at a question we didn’t answer then – how many feats can you get in DnD 5e?

We analyzed in detail previously on what you need to know about feats, so now we’ll just brush up on that real quick so as to reminds ourselves.

Feats are sort of “specializations” that you can unlock for the class that you are playing. These can be taken every time you reach a level that gives you an Ability Score Improvement.
This means that you can opt-out of the usual +2 improvement points into an Ability Score, and get a feat instead.

Of course, that is the Rules As Written method as stated by Wizards of the Coast LLC. In reality, if you want you can use whichever house rule you want to get feats. Nothing is stopping you, only your imagination. That’s the only hard limit there is really.

But in that case, the things written in this article may or may not apply to your game. The things written here only apply to DnD 5e. And the question of “How Many Feats Can You Unlock in DnD 5e? might have a totally different answer.

Regardless. We still have a question to answer. Furthermore, seeing as how we answered all the relevant questions about feats in the previous article. Today instead we will be looking at the categories of feats that could be most useful to you.

But let’s answer the most important question first.

How Many Feats Can You Get in DnD 5e?

As mentioned before. This question is directly correlated to your Ability Score Improvement levels. Which usually are the 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th & 19th class level.

As mentioned previously. You may opt-out of the ability score improvements when you gain levels and instead take up feats. All this means that if you opt-out of all of your ability score improvements ( quite a daring move i must say ). The maximum amount of feats you can have is then 5.

But wait, there’s more. That’s just the usual for most classes as those levels are when they unlock their ASIs. Other Classes like the Rogue have 6 ASI, the fighter gets one more that that – for a total of 7 ASI. As such. The actual maximum amount of feats you can have is 7.

But wait, there’s more again. ( I’m starting to sound like an infomercial aren’t I?)

Until recently. Until Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything released that is. You could play as a human and get a free feat right at the start, it was obviously very powerful if you chose to play as a variant race human. Now that “Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything” is released there’s another option. You can chose a Custom Lineage, which means that any race can get a feat at the start.

But enough of that. Let’s look at the best feats per category.


Combat feats are essential for fighter characters. If you want to be efficient you have to have them. Your first feat will most likely be a combat feat. It’s never a bad idea to have a few more hit points, or alternatively – the ability to gain proficiency in a weapon type. Be it a heavy weapon or a hand crossbow. Hell even a feat that gives you an extra attack.

Here are some of the most useful in my opinion.

Durable – This is a no-brainer. The ability to take repeated hits is too good to pass up if you’re constantly getting yourself into combat. Combine this with shield master and a resilient feat and you’ll basically be able to survive getting punched in the face all day.

Fighting Initiate – The ability to learn a new fighting style is great for most classes. Another one you don’t need to think a lot about. Offering you further choices as you go along.

Great Weapon Master – It’s simple. Have a bigger weapon than your opponent and you win. The Great Weapon Master feat gives you just that ability. One feat you can’t go without.

Crossbow Expert – A must have if you’re playing a ranged character.

War Caster – Another must have. Especially if you are playing a casting character with a fancy for combat. New feats may later on even allow you to unlock new spells and special abilities.


Not everything has to be about combat. Sometimes you just need to make your life easier. These next few feats do just that. Any good dungeon master should encourage these.

Actor – Other than the Charisma buff. This feat allows you to have some pretty interesting options if used correctly in a situation.

Bountiful Luck – The ability to re-roll a d20 is too good to pass up. Makes life way easier.

Healer – No need to explain why a healer is needed. You’ll regret it later if at least one of your party members doesn’t have it.

Lucky – Self explanatory. In a game that is based on luck, it becomes the highest commodity.

Skilled – Who doesn’t like having 3 extra skills to choose from.

That’s about it for this selection of feats. There are many more to chose from of course – these were just selected by virtue of them being the most “universal.”

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