How Many Bonus Actions Per Turn in DnD 5e?


If you’re here, then you probably want to know how many Bonus Actions per turn you can make in DnD 5e right?

Well, that’s simple. Just one
That’s it. Article is over, you can go home.

Okay, it’s not that simple. Let’s elaborate for a bit.

In a previous article, we looked at how long a typical round is in DnD 5e. We talked about rounds and turns in it, we also looked at which actions you can take. Now let’s build onto that by looking at one more option that you have – the bonus action.

What is a Bonus Action?

A bonus action is just that, a bonus action that you can perform during your turn in-game. Keep in mind though, that a bonus action is not an action. Those two are not synonymous with each other. A bonus action is just an action that you get the opportunity to do. See how I put “opportunity” in bold?
That is because that is how bonus actions work. They appear at a certain opportunity in which you must take them; or else they are lost. Quite literally an opportunity attack.
And unlike the “Ready” action which allows you to prepare yourself to react on an enemy turn. You cannot choose to ready yourself and retain your bonus action.

In simple terms that is what a bonus action is. For a more detailed description consult the Player’s Handbook on the 189th page. Now, onto other questions, you might be curious about.

How Many Bonus Actions in DnD 5e and How to Get Them

As mentioned above, you only get one bonus action. The circumstances on how you get this bonus action differ from character to character though. So let’s outline them.

You get bonus actions by either: Picking a class that allows you to perform that bonus action. A good example of this can be the fighter’s action surge. The fighter’s action surge being one of its core class features.
Picking a race that allows you to perform a race-specific bonus action, and finally – picking the right feats that allow you those bonus actions.
There is also one universal bonus action. And that one is the Dual Wielding bonus action. That is if you have a light weapon in both hands – you can attack with both of them.

Also, very important. Abilities that state that you get an extra action per turn are not considered as giving you a bonus action. As we discussed earlier, actions are not the same as bonus actions. So if you get Haste, for example, that extra action it gives you is not a bonus action.

One final way that you may get bonus actions is if you use optional rules. Some optional rules allow the player character to gain a bonus action by having specific magic items for example. But that’s up to your DM and you to decide.

Now let’s get into some FAQs.


Can I perform a bonus action after I’ve done my action?
No. Once you’ve done your action on your turn you cannot perform a bonus action. As was said earlier. Bonus actions are certain opportunities that you get that you mustn’t pass up.

Can I perform multiple bonus actions during my turn?
No. If you have a bonus action thanks to a feat you’ve taken for your weapon of choice. And you have a bonus action thanks to your class. Then you can not perform those two bonus actions subsequently.

Can I use my action/s to perform a bonus action activity?
No, you may not. Actions and bonus actions are not interchangeable. At the end of the day though it’s best to consult your DM about any specific circumstance.

Can you combine bonus actions with a teammate?
This is entirely up to your dungeon master. If he allows you to do the action that you want, then go for it.

Summary on How Many Bonus Actions in DnD 5e You Can Make

That’s the gist on bonus actions in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. It really isn’t something you can get too technical about. You just have to keep certain things in mind and you should grasp the concept.

Things like only one bonus action per turn, the fact that bonus actions come from racial abilities, class choices and any feats we have taken and the things mentioned in the FAQ section are all you need to know.

At the end of the day, I’ll say this. Consult your DM. You’d be surprised what things he lets pass as bonus actions if you just ask him, don’t just wait for him to grant them to you.

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